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Lessons taught at Brookside are geared toward all levels and ages! We have a customized private lesson program, as well as social and interactive group lessons available! Please call Genna  for pricing on lessons at 908 334 1569!

Beginner Lessons


Beginner lessons at the Brookside are for those riders of all ages who are new to the sport as young as 5 years of age. Riders learn how to groom & tack their mounts, basic horse safety, and basic riding skills. We offer both 30-minute private lessons and 60-minute group lessons (maximum of 4 riders) for our beginners.


Our goal is to teach riders to feel confident, safe, and to have fun while giving them the necessary foundation to become accomplished riders! Please see our price sheet for more information on Beginner Lessons.

All beginner students start out in our Initial Beginner Lessons designed to help them learn how to properly handle, prepare, and put away their horse or pony.

Intermediate - Advanced Lessons


At Brookside, we pride ourselves on taking the beginner rider to reach their highest potential. Our Intermediate and Advanced lessons are for those riders of all ages who are ready to challenge themselves and take their riding to the next level whether in Hunters, Jumpers, or Equitation. Riders are taught more in depth show grooming, introduced to different types of tack, start to learn about horse medical care, and begin showing.


We offer both 60-minute private lessons and 60-minute group lessons. We keep our intermediate/advanced lessons to a maximum of 3 riders to allow each rider the necessary individual attention. We encourage riders to join in group lessons to learn from their fellow riders by watching and asking questions.


Our goal for our intermediate and advanced riders is to ready them for the horse show world by shaping them into correct, confident, detailed students. Leasing is a great way for riders to continue their progression in the sport. See our Sales and Leasing page for more information!


The Saddle Club


Looking for more saddle time, but not quite ready to make the commitment to leasing or owning?

Saddle Club - Gold Member

    - 4 week membership

    - 3 hack rides per week scheduled with Genna in advance

    - Must maintain current riding lesson schedule (not included in membership)


Saddle Club Silver Member

    - 4 week membership 

    - 2 hack rides per week scheduled with Genna in advance

    - Must maintain current riding lesson schedule (not included in membership)

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