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Home School Program

Sadly this program is currently unavailable as of June 2020

The classes would be available Tuesday's thru Friday's 10am-3pm at a discounted rate of 25% off to kids currently involved in a homeschooling program ages 5 to 17. There is a youth program for ages 3-4 available as well. Classes taken after 3pm would be available at the normal rate. These classes are by appointment only during the fall semester and spring semester (September 6th to December 22nd and January 3rd to June 15). Lessons are available during the winter break and summer at the regular rate.

Students learn the value of communication through a language barrier,  responsibility of another's well being, physical activity in grooming, tacking, and riding, time and task management, balance, and respect for another being.

Initial Beginner Rider: 60 minute private lesson with instructor. Student who have never ridden or who do not know how to prepare their pony for the lesson must take 2 - 3 of this type of lesson. The first 20 minutes will be in the barn learning how to groom and tack up their ponies. The students will learn the different tools we use and the name of the equipment. Once saddled, the kids will then spend about 20 minutes in the saddle learning basic position and how to control their pony. The last 20 minutes are spent learning how to put their equipment away properly, clean the equipment, and to clean their pony and put her away. Once a student is comfortable grooming at at least starting the tacking procedure (this generally takes 2-3 times), then the student may switch to either the Beginner Private or Beginner Group.

Private: 30 minute private lessons. A more one on one with the pony and instructor to get familiar with the ponies. Best suited for those who have never worked with ponies up through trotting and steering on their own. Riders learn balance, position, and simple control aids.

Group: 60 minute lesson with 2 or 3 riders maximum. For riders who are continuing their education and are capable at trotting and steering. Riders learn how to work as a team to control their mounts at various exercises. Groups are based on age and level.

Youth program (ages 3-4): Is a 15 minute pony ride where the students learn about their balance on a pony, how to lead a pony around, and different parts of the pony and equipment.

Please contact Genna for the discounted pricing at or 908 334 1569.

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